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Managed WordPress Hosting – What is it?

For some time now, we’ve provided WordPress Management services to many customers.  Over the years we’ve tailored the service to suite the needs of those wanting a ‘hands-off’ approach to running their WordPress site.

We thought it would be a good idea to go over the details of what our Managed WordPress Hosting service actually provides, in a little more detail and in plain English.
Managed WordPress Hosting


We take a daily backups of both site files and database.  Which is an essential part of every websites scheduled maintenance. This allows us to easily roll-back a site to a previous version, should you (or we) require this.
In addition to a daily backup we also carry out a full backup prior to any WordPress core, plugin or theme updates that we carry out. This is good practice whenever an update is made, however trivial. This is also part of the Managed WordPress service.


Keeping WordPress core, plugin and themes up to date (within 24 hrs of release) is a key aspect of your sites security. One which is often overlooked. Hackers will run searches for specific WordPress versions they know to carry known vulnerabilities. They then attempt to exploit these, whether it’s WordPress itself or via a plugin or theme used on the site.

Security & Performance Best Practices

Over the years we’ve developed our own Best Practice procedures for securing and optimising the performance of WordPress. This comes from in-depth research, testing and real world experience.  It does include a number of proven plugins, however – fully comprehensive enhancements can’t all be found in a plugin. So we apply a variety of tweaks and settings of the installation and server environment settings.  This hardens the site, making it as robust as possible.  At the same time we improve the performance using compression, minification and a number of other methods.

All in all, the result of applying our Security & Performance best practices, is a secure, fast site.  Which is resilient to all the threats a web site faces and is fast and responsive to visitors and search engines. Both very important factors of a successful web site, whatever you’re site is working to achieve.


WordPress is a fantastic platform for building your web site.  The tens of millions of web site (large and small) owners using it, are testimony to that.  But some find themselves spending more and more time taking care of WordPress, than actually selling their service/product. Or worse still, not taking care of WordPress…until it’s too late.

So, if you either don’t have the know-how or time to keep on top of your WordPress site, this could be the service for you. Check out our Managed WordPress plan and start focusing on what’s important…your business.

We really value your thoughts and feedback, please leave a comment below.

State of the Word 2012

Matt Mullenweg gives his overview on the ‘state’ of WordPress to date. An essential watch for all WordPresserers!

Google on WordPress as the best SEO blogging platform

If anyone should doubt the power and effectiveness of WordPress as an SEO friendly platform, think again.  WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues as Matt Cutts from Google explains in the video below:

WordPress 3.3 Released – Overview

As many of you will have noticed from the indication at the top of your WordPress admin panel, version 3.3 is available. As always, we’re excited about this new release and can’t wait to use the new features.

View the official press release here:

Learn how to update from your dashboeard here:

Please, ALWAYS BACKUP ! before carrying out any upgrade or major change to your site.

Iif you would like us to carry out the upgrade (£40+VAT), you can order via a support ticket

WordPress 3.3 – Are you ready ?

The eagerly awaited release of WordPress 3.3 is only a few weeks away.  Here is what you can expect to see in this release:

  • Media uploader enhancement – Probably the most important addition in this version is the imlpementation of a revamped media uploader.  Advances such as “drag and drop”, instant resizing, filter by type of file and more.
  • Improved admin bar
  • Fly out admin menus
  • Beginners first steps guidelines – For new users and installation this feature will get users up and running quickly.
  • Performance improvements

Steps you should take

All WordPress web site owners should start to think about their upgrade to this new release.  I’d recommend scheduling an upgrade after about a week of the release, keeping an eye on for updates on the launch and feedback.

Things you should do before upgrading:

  • Make a full backup of your existing WordPress site files and database.
  • Check with your theme author to see if there are any known theme issues and if an update theme is available, which is tested and compatible with 3.3
  • Do the same with any core plugins you use.

As much as this can feel like hard work and a hassle, once you’re upgraded you can beenfit from the new features and continue to enjoy, enhance and develop your site to it’s full potentia

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