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Starting your new WordPress site

It’s no surprise that every day, thousands of people start a new WordPress web site.  It’s officially the most popular platform to create a web site.  With 22% of new sites using WordPress as the platform to deliver and manage web sites.

With a fantastic selection of themes and plugins (26,000 in the official WordPress respository) to choose from and a community like no other.  WordPress is the first choice for amateur and profesisonal web site developers around the world.  Big brand users include; Ford, Sony, Wall Street Juornal, Samsung, Playstation, CNN and many, many more.


Compared to traditional web development, building a WordPress site takes a mere fraction of the time. As a result costs come down drastically. This allows web site owners to balance their budget more effectively. Traditionally web development costs could be 90% of the project total. But now, they can (and should) invest in the sites development, hosting and SEO/marketing more evenly. As a result you have a more balanced project with far more chance of success. It will also get launched faster, reducing your time to market and reaching your customers sooner, which is a good thing!


The advantages to using WordPress are clear. The opportunity to tap into amazing web site designs (themes) at a minute fraction of the cost (if not even totally free), compared to having have a designer/developer produce a ‘standard’ web site from scratch.
Then there are the plugins. Snippets of code that are loaded with (sometimes) powerful features that can enhance and provide functionality you might spend thousands of pounds and weeks having a developer create. With tens of thousands of plugins in the official WordPress library, these are a gift – Free. But should you require something a little more special, premium plugins fill the gap and most of these include support by the plugin author themselves.

This amazing combination of themes and plugins allow you to create exceptional web sites, with great features and funcionality in no time at all.

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Hosting your WordPress site

When deciding to work with WordPress as a framework for your web site or blog, you have two options.

  1. The first option is that you can use the hosting provided by, and choose to either use a subdomain or your own domain.
  2. The second option you’re presented with is self-hosting your WordPress site.

Unfortunately, many consumers and businesses are unable to distinguish between the differences these two options present. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the advantages of self hosting your own WordPress site, as opposed to hosting it through using the service at

The first benefit of self hosting your WordPress site is that you’ll be able to take complete advantage of the plugin functionality that WordPress presents. Unfortunately, when you use WordPress’ hosting solution, you are unable to install any and all plugins into your installation. Only those plugins let you.  As such, you aren’t able to take full advantage of the software. WordPress is powerful because of the third-party plugins that have been built. Not to mention, you’ll be able to take complete control of the themes which you use and the reliability of your businesses website.

Here is a simple infographic kindly provided by to further explain the difference between the two options. vs.

In short, when you choose to use the standard, hosting provided by WordPress themselves, you cannot take full control of your own website. You’re limited by their own restrictions. As such, self-hosting your WordPress site is always preferred in all cases, as you’ll be able to completely optimize your site for you and your visitors/customers.

Lastly, hosting your WordPress site with an experienced, friendly web host ensures you get the support you need, wehn you need it.  As always, you get what you pay for and free hosting services won;t provide the dedicated support a serious web site owner demands or expects.

Host your WordPress site with a host that can do all of this and more.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging has been around since the start of the internet, and it’s quickly grown to become one of the most popular reasons as to why people now access the internet each and every day. As the internet has expanded and grown, so has blogging. Now, with new social trends such as Twitter and Facebook, getting your blog noticed, read and talked about is easier than ever.

Blogging is not just for individuals to share their daily lives either, far from it. Now it’s for businesses to interact and engage with their customers and clients. Customers of a business are always looking for ways to interact and engage, so it’s wise for you as a business owner (or employee!) to give them the chance to. Whether that means sharing a picture every Friday, or blogging weekly about the new products you’re selling – there’s no doubt that blogging is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation / Rankings) and customer retention.

Developing customer relations is of paramount importance for your business, and that’s why you should start the process of blogging early. Blogging is a slow process, and it will take a while to develop a readerbase. Potential customers can sometimes be more comfortbale making subtle contact by commenting on your blog than firing a contact form to your sales team. Don’t be in a hurry to force sales, they’ll come in time and the sales team will get their moment. Be helpful, informative, expert on your subject and honest. Readers will return to keep learning and enjoy the interaction.

Business Blogs ignite conversation and interest, questions about your products/services often follow in blog comments and it can be a great opportunity to develop trust or gain a sale. Don’t be over ambitious, start slow and be consistent! One post a week, every week, is far better than 4 posts in one week and then nothing for 4 months.

It’s now easier than ever to feed your blog posts to third party social media sites and draw in more and more followers/readers/customers! Before you know it, you’ll have thousands of readers who are subscribed to your blog eagerly awaiting your next blog post. It’s times like these that you truly become engaged with your audience, because you have developed a strong relationship with your most loyal fans and followers. You’ll then have your own platform and finely targetted audience to launch and promote products and services to.

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WordPress 3.5 – Get the latest

First, we’re sorry for the delay from the release of WordPress 3.5 and this overview post. However, we have a good excuse – our time and focus over the last week, has been on making sure a smooth upgrade to the latest, greatest WordPress version for all of our Managed WordPress customers.

We’re happy to report a smooth transition for all.

As many of you will have noticed from the indication at the top of your WordPress admin panel, version 3.5 is available. As WordPress fanatics, we’re very excited about this new release.

This release is focused on media and it has a rebuilt media upload and management section. Making it simpler and more streamlined to handle your media within WordPress.

Watch the official video below for a 90 second view of the key features.

View the official press release here:

Learn how to update from your dashboard here:

Please, ALWAYS BACKUP ! before carrying out any upgrade or major change to your site.

If you would like us to carry out the upgrade (Managed WordPress customers get this service automatically and included as part of their package), you can order via a support ticket

WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin Video Guides – FREE

For those of you who already make use of the WordPress Video Guides, available to all WordPress hosting customers.  You know how fantastic these videos are in helping either you or your clients to use WordPress. A true time saver right inside the WordPress admin.

Today, I’m pleased to tell you that the one and only Joost De Valk has now included video tutorials teaching you how to use the incredibly popular WordPress SEO by Yoast.

If you’re not already using this plugin, you’re missing out. It provides everything you need to maximise the SEO of your WordPress site and give you the best chance of moving up the Google results.

If you’d like these new videos enabled within your WordPress site, just submit a support ticket with the request.

Oh, don’t forget to tell your friends about this great feature of our WordPress hosting :)

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